5 Star Book Review: A Most Excellent Midlife Crisis by Robyn Peterman

  A Paranormal Women's Fiction with a bit of class, and a lot of sass, for anyone who feels like age is just a number! Midlife's a bumpy journey. The ride is a freaking rollercoaster. The crisis is real. With my life back to normal--normal being a very relative word--one would think I'd catch a break. One would be very wrong. With an Angel gunning for me and a Demon in my bed, life couldn't be more complicated. Not to mention, I'm going to have to make a rather large life choice. Do I want to live forever? Does anyone? Forever is a very long time. Whatever. I'll think about it tomorrow... or next week... or next month. As long as I have my girlfriends, my dogs, a super-sized case of merlot and my deceased squatters, I'm good to go. My midlife crisis. My rules. If it doesn't kill me dead first, I plan to have a most excellent midlife crisis. Source: Kindle Unlimited Format: ebook Genre: Paranormal Women's Fiction Setting: Georgia Series: Good to the L

I'm Still Around!

I'm still here y'all! Things have been busy around the new house, plus work has picked up. However, I'm not entirely sure what direction I'll be going in in the book world. I love blogging but I've been considering BookTube. If I go that direction, that'll be a big investment. We are still trying to get the house (and the book room) together. Not to mention, I own like zero camera equipment. Lots to think about!  Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, I'd love to check it out! Please leave a link to your channel and I will subscribe! 

Life Update (I'm moving!)

 Hi everyone! If you are reading this, I hope you are happy and healthy. Thanksgiving is coming up and I cannot wait! Let's dive into my life and why I haven't been around much... We're Moving!! * There's lot of feels here so please excuse me if all of this is a jumbled mess. I'm kinda everywhere lol. * Source Yes, that's husband and I, along with our two cats and one chinchilla are moving. Technically not until January though. But we've been SUPER busy looking at houses. Well, we found a beautiful house only 5 minutes from where we currently live and put in an offer. And they accepted it! (I still cannot believe we found a house in this market!) I think some people, or maybe most enjoy the process. Let me tell you, this has been crazy stressful. But, we found a house we love so it's ALL been WORTH IT!!  We've been looking since July. Basically, my MIL (Mother-in-Law) moved into our two bedroom Condo with my husband and I. I love my MIL bu

I Can't Wait for...The Bride Bet by Tessa Dare

Can't-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Wishful Endings , to spotlight and discuss the books we're excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they're books that have yet to be released. It's based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Jill at Breaking the Spine . Tessa Dare has a way of pulling me into anything she writes. I fell in love with this series back in 2017 from reading the first book in this series (Girl Meets Duke) The Duchess Deal. So far, I've rated every book in this series 5 stars. I can't wait for The Bride Bet!! How to lose a duke in ten years…without losing your heart. Once upon a time, two sworn enemies - the bookish daughter of a scholar and the devilish heir to a duke - made a pact: If they were both still single in ten years, they would marry each other. It was a joke, Nicola thought. A duchess? Her? But when the Duke of Westleigh returns a decade later, he’s serious. He needs an heir, so he’s holding her to thei

Book Review: Summoned in Time {The MacCarthy Sisters #3} by Barbara Longley

  Meredith MacCarthy has plans for her future, and they don’t include volunteering as a tour guide at a haunted ghost town in Montana. But when the matriarch of her fae-gifted family tells her ignoring the summons of the spirit world will haunt her forever, Meredith packs a bag and heads West. There she meets a ghost whose story and presence are so compelling, she cannot resist his magnetic pull. The more time she spends with him, the more she longs for the chance to know him in life. Before leaving Ireland for America, Daniel Cavanaugh vowed to his mother he’d return with a fortune. Having lost his father, sister, and their family farm during The Great Famine of 1845, he is determined to help his family begin anew. Just when he’s on the cusp of fulfilling his promise, his life is brutally taken, and he’s haunted the mining town of Garrettsville ever since. Until the beautiful ghost whisperer arrived, all he wanted was to be free of his earthly bonds. Now he yearns for a second chance

Blog Tour: Midnight Sins by Kristie Cook {Excerpt}

  I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the MIDNIGHT SINS by Kristina Cook writing as Kristi Astor Blog Tour hosted by  Rockstar Book Tours . Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway! About The Book: Title:   MIDNIGHT SINS (Celtic Heat Book 2) Author:  Kristina Cook writing as Kristi Astor Pub. Date:  September 22, 2020 Publisher:  Kristina Cook Formats:   eBook Pages:  100 Find it:   Goodreads , Amazon , B&N , iBooks , Kobo , Google Play Books From Nationally bestselling author Kristina Cook (writing as Kristi Astor) comes this erotic historical/paranormal novella set in Edwardian-era England. MADELINE: Imprisoned in a loveless marriage, Lady Briarton yearns for escape with a passionate stranger, but her unearthly lover is not who he claims to be. Can she risk her heart--and her very life--with the beautiful Scot who sets her blood and her body on fire, even as he claims the impossible? SIMON: Forced to roam the earth for more than a century

Waiting on Wednesday
Psychic Dreams by Elizabeth Hunter

It’s been three years since Monica Velasquez lost the love of her life to a sudden and devastating heart attack. She's held her family together and picked herself up with the love and help of her two best friends. Now the kids have moved out, and Monica has a new business, a new wardrobe, and a new vision for the future. As in, actual psychic visions. Dreams that manifest in reality. Monica still isn’t sure why or how it happened, but she’s been seeing everything from unexpected visitors to visions of fire and destruction. Separating psychic premonitions from morbid imagination is proving harder than she expected, and Monica starts feeling the heat—or is it a hot flash?—when the town’s new fire inspector grows suspicious of her accurate and anonymous tips. Is their town about to feel the burn of a serial arsonist, or can Monica, Robin, and Val figure out the dangerous secret smoldering at the heart of Glimmer Lake? Psychic Dreams is a standalone paranormal women’s fiction novel in