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Review: Vexed By A Viscount by Erin Knightley (ARC)

Vexed By A Viscount
Author: Erin Knightley
Series: All's Fair In Love (#4)
Release Date: August 11th 2015
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Source: I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Genre: Regency Romance
Rating: 3 Stars

Prudence Landon has always done exactly as she should. She’s obeyed her parents’ every word, lived by society’s every dictate, and even agreed to marry a man more than twice her age simply because it was expected of her. In the fortnight before her wedding, she decides it’s high time to bend a few rules before life as she knows it is over. Viscount Ashby leads a charmed life. Betrothed since the age of seven, he is perfectly content to allow his off-the-market status to keep the marriage-minded mamas at bay. When he returns home to his parent’s estate and finds their prim, straight-laced young neighbor swimming naked in broad daylight, he’s both amused and intrigued. When Ash discovers Prudence’s upcoming nuptials to the aging squire, he decides to help her live a little before the parson’s mousetrap springs closed. But what started as good fun soon leads to something much more. With her wedding fast approaching, they must choose between breaking all the rules and losing their one chance for happiness. 

My Thoughts On Vexed By A Viscount...

So after reading some pretty heavy stuff I was in need of a light romance, Vexed By A Viscount was just what I needed!  It's a pretty quick read, I started it Saturday night and was finished by Sunday night. Since this was a novella this will be a pretty short review, enjoy! 

Prudence has always followed the rules and has done what's been expected of her from her parents and from society. She's to be married off to Squire Jefferies in a fortnight, she decides to make a list of rules to break before she's to be married. 

In comes Ash, he discovered Prudence skinny dipping in his pond, and decided to help her check off her list.  It all starts off innocent enough, until Prudence & Ash start unexpectedly falling for each other. If you are looking for a light, feel-good romance then this book is for you! 

My Favorite Scene...

A scene where Ash and Prudence dance the waltz barefoot under the stars. 


  1. This book looks so cute! Seems like it would be a fun read for the end of summer. Great review, Miranda!

    1. Samantha, yes it's an adorable book! The perfect summer read!

  2. Hey I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! You can see it here

  3. Ok, this is something I'd definitely LOVE to read! I'm a sucker for regency novels <3 just added it to my to-read list :D Thanks for sharing! New follower, I love your blog :)
    Btw, I just created a NetGalley account, but I haven't requested anything yet. Any tips on how to have better chances of getting picked?

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. Carla,
      YAY, I'm glad that you added it to your TBR pile! Thanks for the follow, I will check out your blog. In terms of NetGalley, my suggestions is only request what you can read and try a few of the smaller publishers first. Any ARCS I request I ALWAYS put them at the top of my TBR pile. Also make sure your profile list as much information as your blog as you can think of, ex: followers, reviews per week, comments.

    2. Thank you so much for the tips, they're very helpful!! ^-^

    3. Carla,
      I'm glad I could help, I am always happy to help!


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