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Review: Immortal Kiss by Laura Daleo

Immortal Kiss
Author: Laura Daleo
Series: yes, not sure what it's titled though
Release: February 15th 2015
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Source: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 stars 

A Compelling Dark Vampire Saga of Love, Secrets, Lies and Betrayals!!Centuries ago ten powerful vampire gods first walked the earth; their blood thirst knew no boundaries. The destruction of mankind was inevitable. Recognizing their weakness, they selected twelve wise human beings to transform with their godly blood. These twelve, known as The Old Ones and The Council, govern The Ten. A blood lottery appeasing The Ten’s hunger was set forth into the human world and passed down every fifth generation, continuing into the present day.All of Beth Ryan’s life a mysterious mist watched over her, a mist she believed to be a vampire. On a cold winter night, she comes face to face with Philippe Delon, a 700 year old vampire with a human soul. Beth is certain Philippe is the vampire behind the mist. She is drawn to him, accepting his immortality without question or fear.
Beth and Philippe cannot deny their love for each other, nor do they try to fight it. Within days of their encounter, Beth accepts Philippe’s invitation to move into his mansion. The mansion unlocks the door to the vampire world and exposes secrets from Beth’s past. Within its walls, she learns the true identity of the mist, her link to the blood lottery, and betrayal of her loved ones. Surrounded by lies, Beth stands before The Council begging for resolution.

My Review of Immortal Kiss...

I adored this book! I just love vampire novels, they are my guilty pleasure! Within the pages of Immortal Kiss you will find love, mystery, deceit and how vampires came to be! Immortal Kiss is very Anne Rice-ish, only less gruesome, softer somehow. The way in which Laura Daleo spun her version of Vampire Mythology was wonderfully refreshing and completely original!

Let's delve into the plot. At times there were happenings that were very predictable. For me this wasn't a problem whatsoever, I had so much fun reading this book! Of course as I stated in the above paragraph, this book was in other ways completely refreshing and original.

I found that the setting and the theme in this book was immensely enjoyable and utterly addicting! I loved how it all started on a cold winter’s night with a mysterious mist. From that moment I was ready to dive right into Beth’s story!

I want to touch base on Beth and Philippe’s relationship. In the beginning they move extremely fast, she pretty much moves in with in a day after ‘officially’ meeting him. Any other time I’d say to myself “Hold up a minute, what the heck??”.  However under the circumstances, since Beth knew the mist her whole life I feel their fast-paced relationship was appropriate.

Now let’s talk secondary characters. Philippe’s best friend Caleb. Caleb is Philippe’s maker, so they are pretty close. I’d say as comparable as best friends or brothers. Don’t let their relationship fool you, they are complete opposites, but they do say opposites attract. Out of all the characters in this book, I’d say Caleb affected me the most. In the beginning he’s a complete ass, well he’s actually an ass all the way through the book but we get to see him from all facets later on in the story. I’m going to go out on a limb here and compare him to Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries! You know, when you meet him he totally gets under your skin, but by the end you’re totally in love with him!

Do you love vampire novels? Or how about books about true love being your destiny? Oh hey, or better yet, mythology that goes all the way back to the Egyptian Gods? Well if any of those things pique your interest I’d highly suggest checking out Immortal Kiss! I’m sure you’ll fall head over heels in love with this original vampire novel!

Oh and I can’t forget, there’s going to be three more books for this series! I was so happy to find out from the author that this series will be composed of four lovely books!


  1. Oh yay, I was waiting for this! I'm so glad you enjoyed this book! :D Your review actually makes me want to read it, I'll have to get it then ^-^

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. I am glad you enjoyed my review! I'm really happy to know there will be more books in this series!

  2. Lovely review Miranda! I need to try these books :)

    1. I'm sure you would love Immortal Kiss! Thanks for visiting my blog Melissa, you are one of the first blogs I started following back in June when I started blogging! :)


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