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Mini Review: Nearer Still by Melissa MacVicar

Nearer Still
Author: Melissa MacVicar
Release: May 28th 2014
Series: Secret Affinity
Publisher: Self published
Source: Amazon Kindle Store
Genre: Historical YA
Rating: 3 Stars
Website: Goodreads Page

Expanding on the world of Melissa MacVicar's debut novel EVER NEAR, this digital-only short story explores the background of Jade’s grandmother, Winnie Ferguson, growing up as a black teenager and a budding clairvoyant in the early 1960s.

When Stanley Irving gets arrested during a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter, he makes the front page of the Baltimore newspaper. Eighteen-year-old Winnie Ferguson’s father is furious with his daughter's boyfriend and tries to break up the young couple. Will Winnie stand up to her father, or will the pair be ripped apart by the tension surrounding the Civil Rights movement?

My review of this short-story 
Nearer Still is a short story prequel set in the 1960's. There are two full length novels in this series.The first two books in this series are set in present day. Ever Near is the first book, Ever Lost is the second. Both of those books follow Jade Irving through her journey of self discovery both as a person and as a medium. Nearer Still follows Jade's grandmother, Winnie as a teen. We get to see the personal struggles she faces in a time of segregation and civil rights. 

I really enjoyed getting to journey back in time and see things through Winnie's POV. Nearer Still is such a high contrast from Ever Near and Ever Lost. This short story was more of an historical novel about life in the 1960s rather than about mediums and ghosts. 

If you enjoyed both Ever Near and Ever Lost then I highly recommend reading this short story. Even though it doesn't feel the same as the full length books it helped me understand Jade's family much more. We all have our roots and history and a bit of the Irving families is uncovered in Nearer Still.

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