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ARC Review: Scarlet Rain by Kristin Cast

Series: The Escaped #2
Source: Netgalley 
Format: eBook
Pages: 210
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Publisher: Diversion Books
Release: May 17th 2016
In Amber Smoke, Kristin Cast introduced her legions of readers to Alek and Eva. Alek, immortal son of the Furies, has been charged to save his home and recapture the souls of the damned, evil creatures who escaped Tartarus into the Mortal Realm. He can't, however, do it alone...
Eva has discovered that she has been both blessed and cursed with powers beyond her comprehension. With a destiny to fulfill, she cannot escape the beings who will stop at nothing to destroy her.

Now, in Scarlet Rain, the Nosoi—spirits of plague—have been unleashed on the Mortal Realm, releasing a pandemic as clever and adaptable as it is insidious. Alek and Eva must capture and banish the Nosoi back to their Underworld prison—but Eva has yet to harness the abilities needed to defeat such a powerful enemy, and Alek sustains catastrophic wounds in the attempt. They must rely on detective James Graham, and Eva’s best friend Bridget, if they are to even slow down the plague. But can mere mortals come through in the face of such overwhelming peril?

Scarlet Rain Review...
This book contains adult content, for mature readers only.
Kristin Cast sure knows her way around Greek Mythology! This story has a modern day feel & takes place in Tulsa, but is meshed with ancient Greek Mythology. I had so much fun reading Scarlet Rain! This is the second book in The Escaped series, I recommend you read the first book Amber Smoke before jumping into Scarlet Rain.

The storyline was quite provocative, especially with the secondary characters Bridget & James. I felt as if they stole the show from the main-characters Eva and Alek! I would have liked to have seen more relationship building between Eva and Alek, the chemistry was there but the swoon-worthy scenes were few & far between.

The concept of the Nosoi was completely original and really added an exciting layer of suspense to the story! Imagine the movie The Happening + 28 Days Later. Yeah, the Nosoi don't play around! I would have liked to have seen just a little bit more into their origins, but overall I enjoyed this layer of the book.

The very best part of this book is the ending. Goodness gracious, my exact words were along the lines of “Oh Shit!” Okay, I know this book is new but I ALREADY NEED THE NEXT BOOK!!

While I did thoroughly enjoy this book, I’m rating it a 3.5 out of 5 stars since I would have liked a bit more romance between Eva & Alek. Also I felt a twinge of second book slump syndrome while reading this. (Not counting the ending, I LOVED THE ENDING!) That being said, I will be highly anticipating the release of the next book in this remarkably original series!


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