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Discussion Post: I love Novellas and here's why...

I'm pretty sure there are readers out there who hate novellas. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to this matter, I LOVE reading novellas! Especially if it's in between a series or it's a prequel novella.

For me the best time to read a novella is right after I finish a full length, rather lengthy book. I have trouble jumping right into a full size novel if I've just finished one. Novellas keep me intrigued without feeling too overwhelmed or committed to a story. Let's face it, as readers we all know there's so many fantastic books out there but so little time!

Another way I enjoy novellas is if they are prequels to a series. This way I can get a peek at the story and see if I like it before I completely invest in the series. (Not to mention, novellas are usually pretty cheap compared to a full length book!) 

So let me break down all the reasons I love novellas. 

  • Great for book hangovers, they are quick reads no need to feel daunted!
  • Low price! Most novellas are super cheap!
  • Novella Prequels are a great way to get a sneak peek at a series before fully investing!
  • Secondary Characters - Often times authors will write novellas or even short stories for secondary characters, this way we get to see things "their way" so to speak. 
Here a few novellas that I've enjoyed. 

How do you feel about novellas? Do you love them, hate them or are you somewhere in between?


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