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Mini Review: The Haunted Manor :Torn Between Power and Love {A Regency Paranormal Romance}

Luck has not been on Lord Michael Baird’s side. After losing yet another large sum of money, he is relieved to discover that he has been left an estate in Scotland. With the ownership of this new estate he decides he will do his best to make it profitable. Upon arrival to the town he notices how unfriendly everyone seems to be. Finally when he reaches his estate he is met with not only a less-than-pleasant manor, but also household staff who refuse to even stay in the estate overnight. They try to explain about the ghostly goings-on in the home but he ignores their warnings completely. However it isn't long before Michael is thoroughly convinced! He learns that there is only one person who might be able to help him rid his new estate of the malevolent spirits that haunt it: Rebecca.

Rebecca is the village’s wise woman who is only too willing to help. Ignoring her growing attraction to Michael, she works hard to find out more about the spirits and how she can banish them forever using her magic. Michael is surprised to discover that the wise woman is both young and beautiful, and a desire for her grows the moment he first sets eyes on her. Realizing that nothing can happen between them, he tries to put his attraction aside, knowing that he will need to marry well if he is to set the estate to rights.

Will they be able to rid the estate of its ghosts and pursue their love for each other, or will Michael’s pursuit for money push her away for good?

Series: The Haunted Manor #1

Source: Sent by the author in exchange for an honest review
Format: ebook
Pages: 120
Genre: Regency (Historical) Paranormal Romance

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Publisher: Blues Publishing
Release Date: December 27th 2016

My Thoughts...
I jumped at the chance to read this novel. I love regency romance as well as paranormal romance, a combination of two of my favorite genres! 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It's been awhile since I've read a story revolving around ghosts and this one kept my attention throughout the book, especially the romance!

Michael and Rebecca's relationship is what you'd expect in a good Regency.  Romantic, sweet and steamy!

Things I liked:
  1. Rebecca's willingness to put herself on the line for the sake of others. She's so selfless and such a caring person.
  2. Michael's growth as a person. At first he's a bit selfish and self-absorbed. Let's just say he comes a long way by the end of this novel. 
  3. The mix of Regency Romance, Paranormal Romance and a tad bit of horror. 
  4. The ending. Everything comes together wonderfully!
This book is short and was a refreshing read. If you like  historical romance, paranormal romance and a bit of horror then this book is for you. 


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