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Book Review:
Den of Wolves (The Shifter Prophecy #2)
by Megan Linski
"If you love fast-paced plots then you'll

What if your worst enemy is your true love?
Exiled from her coven and torn from the arms of her lover, werewolf prince Lisar, vampire princess Lysandra Romanova-Dracula is lost in the woods of Romania, searching for the elusive location of the mysterious den of wolves. After being separated from Lisar, Lysandra made a pact; find him, and his pack, or die trying.
But she doesn’t find the wolves. The wolves find her. After Lisar pleads for her life, the Alpha makes Lysandra a fragile bargain. If she becomes one of them, she will be allowed to live with her beloved Lisar in peace. Fail to do so, and her execution is imminent.
When shifters are found murdered within pack boundaries, shredded to pieces by a monster hiding in the shadows, Lysandra becomes a prime suspect. Caught in a dangerous game where one misstep could become fatal, Lysandra has to prove her innocence, and solve the mystery of who has betrayed the pack without becoming a victim herself.
Will Lysandra peer through the darkness to see the traitor in plain sight? Or is her love story with Lisar due for a tragic end?
A retelling of the legend of Princess Anastasia, Den of Wolves combines action, adventure and romance into one thrilling read that speeds to an end you’ll never see coming. This heartbreaking paranormal young adult romance is sure to have readers falling for the next installment in bestselling author Megan Linski’s Shifter Prophecy series.

Series: The Shifter Prophecy #2
Source: Sent by the author
Format: ebook
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Publisher: Gryfyn Publishing
Release Date: April 2nd, 2017

My Review...

If I had to choose one word to review this book, Den of Wolves I'd have to choose FUN! There was a lot that happened in this book; good stuff, bad stuff, but no matter the situation I had a blast the entire way through the story! I give credit to Megan's writing skills, they are incredibly enchanting!

I was eager to immerse myself in Lyssa's story again. My favorite thing is Lyssa & Lisar's relationship, they are perfect together! Their relationship progressed beautifully and the ending was perfect! I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens in the next book!

I was a bit worried that Lyssa wouldn't be able to find her place among the wolves, boy was I wrong! Sure, she has MAJOR setbacks and challenges but considering those challenges, she manages to find a way to make it work. I enjoyed learning about the wolves so much that this book is my favorite of the series so far!

Now, let's get to my most important element to a story...the pacing! Oh my, I couldn't have asked for anything better! I seriously want to buy ALL OF MEGAN'S BOOKS! If you love fast-paced plots then you'll LOVE THIS ONE!

One more thing: This is a retelling of the legend of Princess Anastasia. It's written beautifully and, well if you love retellings then this one is one you will want to check out!


  1. This sounds really good! I love the legend of Princess Anastasia so this one really appeals to me. Great review!

    1. Oh I'm so happy that you're interested in reading this one! 😁


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