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{Bookish Discussion}
Dream Author Panel

Have you ever imagined some of your favorite authors in a room together discussing their books or a certain genre? Recently I was inspired by Eventbrite's Conference Page to imagine my dream author panel and I couldn't be more thrilled to compose and share with you why I'd love for these authors to have a panel together!

I'd absolutely love for some of my favorite romance authors to discuss what makes great romance and also their opinions on subgenres. For this reason, I've paired the following authors together:

Julia Quinn
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Karen Marie Moning
All three of these authors have written some of my absolute favorite romance, however in very different genres! Julia Quinn writes Regency Romance, Jennifer L. Armentrout writes YA, NA and Adult Romance and Karen Marie Moning wrote my all-time favorite Highlander Paranormal romance series! 

I think it'd be fun to see these authors exchange ideas and maybe even write a short-story together just for the panel! 

Do you have any authors you'd love to pair together for a panel? Let me know in the comments section below! 


  1. This would be an interesting panel. I have been to a few group events and they can be fun. I have no idea who I would put together.


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