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Waiting on Wedesday:
Ilyan: A Novella
by Rebecca Ethington
(Imdalind #8)

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When the man who would be known as Jan Kowalski was found outside the door to a Ukrainian hospital, everything about him was confusing.

From the heart that beat inside his chest; the heart that was not his despite there being no evidence of surgery.

From the way he never aged, even though he slipped in and out of coma’s for more than ten years.

From the broken fragments of memories that tormented him and made his identity impossible to place.
To the man who snuck into the hospital to kill him.

To the governments that wanted him.

Nothing was right.

Not even when the truth finally became clear.

And his name became Ilyan Krul once more.

Why I'm Waiting

I could list a million reasons! 

I started this series and loved the first book so much I bought the other 7 in the series. I flew through the first two and for some reason I made if about 60% through book three and put it down. I think it's because while the series is great, book three was book two but in another POV. I plan on going back and finishing book three soon and I'm sure I'll fly through the rest of the series pretty quickly. If you're planning on getting into this series, Ilyan will only be available to purchase for six months. I've already pre-ordered mine. 

What are you waiting for this Wednesday?


  1. This one is new for me. That is interesting that it will only be available to purchase for 6 months. I hope you love it!


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