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May & June 2017

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've done a monthly recap. I'm not sure why I skipped May, but I figured I'd do a recap for May & June!


I know I touched a bit on this in my last update but I wanted to delve a little deeper into it... I've decided to just go with the flow and read whatever I'm in the mood for when I pick up a book. Before I started this blog back in July of 2015 I would read anywhere from 50 to 150 books a year.

I noticed after blogging the number of books I read started dropping. I realized I don't do well with planned books to read, it started feeling like a second job VERY QUICKLY. I knew that if I wanted to continue blogging it can't feel like a job. So for the past few weeks it feels like a weight has been lifted. No more obligations, reading is fun again!

Now saying that, some small part of me in the back of my brain tells me that that trait makes me a not-so-good blogger. But at the end of the day I have a VERY mentally demanding job (plus long hours) and I read & blog for fun, a way to re-energize and step away from all of that. (Plus, I know it's a touchy subject but I have made ZERO $4.56 in ads but I don't get anything until it reaches 100.00 dollars , so I refuse to add stress to something that I love.)

All of that being said, I do love reading & blogging. I've decided to do it when I feel up to it. Working 50 + hours per week, sometimes I just want to read and that's it. I'll always love books and maybe someday be able to blog full-time, that's my dream. So if I read a book that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, then yeah, I will write up a review so I can let the world know how amazing it was. But if I read a three star book? If I feel I should write a review, I will, if not then I won't.

What about you? Do you feel obligated to post or do you blog just whenever the mood strikes? I'd love to chat about it and reading schedules!

Books I read in May

Books I read in June...

Well I'm off to watch an episode of Shadowhunters & Originals. Then later tonight Zoo with my husband. I can't wait for October for the debut of The Crossing! (I'll leave the trailer below for you to watch if you'd like.) What's your current favorite tv show?


  1. I think every blogger has to do what works for them. If blogging feels like a chore, you won’t do it for very long. Have a great July!

  2. Hallo, Hallo Miranda!

    My apologies for taking a bit of time to arrive on your blog - I try to swing through the book blogosphere as oft as I can, but there are moments like this past Spring where I was unable to visit as frequently as I prefer. (allergies are beastly this year; so much so they haven't fully shifted out of my life! grr!) Very cool finding someone who appreciates CLUE btw - as we were conversing about on Twitter, tonight! :) I also love High Spirits - have you ever seen that one!? I know some put it into the category of 'campy' or even most predictable but there is something quite innocent about how the comedy is writ and how it's just clean fun if you don't overthink it all -- as parts of it are a bit dramatic if you think on it -- I love clean Comedy but these days, we seem to be drowning in releases which are a bit outside what I prefer; hence why I was in favour of Variety's tweet s/o about a decline of the 'new' trend in Comedies... maybe they will go back to the Comedies of the past which were not only well-established but quite brilliant to watch. I was re-watching One Fine Day and hoped the film industry might 'wake up' to realise it would be nice to have more of those! (or even: You've Got Mail, Under the Tuscan Sun (dramedy), Kate & Leopold, the Devil Wears Prada, The Holiday, etc )

    In regards to being a book blogger - I put in more hours than your day job when I initially launched four years ago - as I was an unknown amongst the community of book bloggers. I really had to work to get my blog and name 'out there' and to establish connections. I primarily work directly with publishers and authors these days, which is a bit of a small luxury of my hard work, as I don't host as many blog tours - the ones I do are the ones I truly feel blessed to a part of -- we all make choices which affect our blogs and our online presence as a blogger. I think, if you want to keep things lighter and more enjoyable in regards to not stressing over your blog in the same way you do your day job, you're smart to see this pattern in yourself now. This way, you can ease back - read at a pace which suits you best and blog in a manner which will allow you to share your bookish life at a rate of frequency which uplifts your spirit.

    One thing I did wrong (looking back) was falling into a pattern of overbooking my blog's calendar - I should have taken it a bit slower... eased myself into it and all would have still worked out. Hindsight is always more keen, eh? Nowadays, I am in a Renaissance on my blog - I've scaled back my commitments, and I am etching out 'downtime / offline time' to where I am resuming other hobbies which I dearly love such as knitting and art (at the moment, I am enjoying the art therapy of 'colouring').

    Again - do what is right for you - and the rest will knit itself together.

    Part I -- I am over your comment quota for 'words'...

    1. Part II --- the conclusionary bits....

      You have a lovely aesthetic here on your blog - you'll find your traction - both in voice (of the blog itself) and in readers who love to read what you have to share. I am thankful our paths crossed as I look forward to return visits!! :) Likewise, I hope - as time allows, you'll enjoy visiting me. No pressure - I understand how quickly time flies off the proverbial clock!! I was a fierce commenter on blogs in 2012 before I launched #JLASblog; afterwards? My commenting days were nearly put on hold just to sort out 'how to blog' and how to maintain my blog's presence.... it just takes time. You will find your rhythm, if that helps!?

      Current favourite tv series? *Father Brown!* - streaming via NetFlix as tapped out of episodes of *Heartland* -- my fam and I saw ALL 9 series of "Heartland" from round March til early June! We have to be patient for 2018 until we see S10! Likewise, *When Calls the Heart* won't air S4 until 2018 whilst both series are already in-prod or wrapped for their next seasons already! lol I have 3 episodes left to stream of *Bull* which I wasn't thinking was my cuppa tea -- however, if it were true to say, Mark Harmon smittened me to fall in LOVE w/ NCIS than the truth in the pudding is the same to say of Michael Weatherly to convince me I need to watch BULL! lol I grieve the fact *Murdoch Mysteries* cannot be watched right now - at the end of S8 moving into S9, as my dvd player is on the fritz - only plays films; no remote! Ugh. Now if NetFlix were to get S8-S10 of Murdoch -- still my heart! Meanwhile, I wish streaming via SlingTV had panned out (major issues with buffering!) I could have kept in step with my favourites via Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: Murder She Baked, Aurora Teagarden & Garage Sale Mysteries! Alas, if you couldn't tell I'm a #cablecutter!! If they hadn't monkeyed with the services vs price hikes vs lack of customer support, I still would have enjoyed cable... however, CBS All Access + NetFlix in combination with my local library (they purchase a heap of films + tv series (esp BBC!) and ILL'ing (inter-library loaning) I cannot complain, truly... I am blessed! I did miss seeing #DoctorWho! *le sigh* Alas! One day, I shall - libraries blessedly purchase the seasonals!!

      So, in short: #FatherBrown most readily!! :) :) It's such an endearing series -- I'm on S3 out of S5 and I wish they'd revive it and not cancel it outright! It's beyond brilliant!! And, I am still pinching myself the priest is played by Mr Weasley!! As I hadn't connected those dots (as I generally do!) because I saw him so authentically in both roles, I never fathomed it was the same bloke!! Imagine!?

      Speaking of Julia Quinn -- have you read: Splendid and Minx? I know I've read a Highlander tale of hers too -- or something similar, but it's been half an age! (although - within the past five years! lol)

    2. Hi Jorie!

      I completely understand, I have allergies too. Luckily I have a coffee ☕ addiction that temporarily counteracts any headaches I get from them. I have not seen High Spirits but I just did a Google search and now I'm asking myself HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE?!? Seriously, all of the movies you used as comparisons are my favorites! And I whole heartily agree with you, the movie industry needs to start making more of these! I've probably watched Kate & Leopold over a dozen times and I never tire of it. What do you think of movies such as Dirty Dancing, Ten Things I Hate About You and She's all That? I know those are a different genre but they just don't make romantic movies like that anymore.

      Thank you so much for your blogging advice, I greatly appreciate it. I absolutely love blogging and don't plan on giving it up, well ever. Sometimes I do have a tough time explaining what I mean when it's not about a book, I still planning on working hard on my blog it's just I want to do it in a way that's authentic to me. In the beginning I had a tough time saying no or I would be overly ambitious and sign up for all the tours which made it feel like work very quickly. I still sign up for tours & reviews but I'm a lot pickier now.

      That's great that you're finding ways to enjoy multiple hobbies. I've always wanted to learn how to knit. One of my passions besides books & blogging is Genealogy. I accidently discovered my love of research when I decided to do a little digging for my father when he got sick. That was almost ten years ago and I'm still working on my family tree. I just wish I would have paid a little more attention in History class in school. I'm now getting into my non-u.s ancestors and it's absolutely fascinating, if not a little intimidating when I find records I can't read because I don't speak the language. In fact, I'm in the process of getting my DNA tested and can't wait to see the results.

      What you said about my blog's aesthetic, that means so much to me. Once I started blogging I would find myself redesigning and reworking visual aspects for hours on end. I've gotten the opportunity to learns loads of HTML and CSS as well. One day I'd like to migrate over to a paid Wordpress but for now I'm content here.

      I'd love to know more about #JLASblog, which I'm sure I will when I visit your blog (as soon as I'm done with this comment.). And yes, it does help knowing you made it having a busy schedule and are still loving blogging & books!

      I've just added Father Brown to my 'list' on Netflix. I used to watch Heartland but for some reason I stopped and that was roughly a year ago. I'm watching so many shows at the moment, hopefully I will be able to revisit Heartland soon. I just finished season 12 of Supernatural so that's one more show I completed, lot's more to finish.

      I actually started reading Splendid a week or so ago but couldn't get into it at the time. I'm reading a Sophie Jordan Regency for a blog tour right now titled The Scandal of it All. I'm not very far in but I am LOVING it! I will also be starting a YA retelling on Monday titled The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter but Theodora Goss.

      Once again, thank you so very much for stopping by and for the wonderful blogging advice! I am so happy that you stopped by! We seem to like similar movies & books and I can't wait to visit your blog!


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