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Book Review
Hidden Heart
by Amy Patrick

Give in to the Glamour as the saga continues...

17-year-old Ryann Carroll thought she knew who she was… a small-town Southern girl just trying to survive her parents’ messy divorce and find some peace for herself. She thought she knew what she wanted… a summer job, a car, a first date that didn’t suck, and NO complications from a serious relationship—any guy in her life would simply be icing on the cake.

But now… she’s not only in love, her boyfriend Lad is a member of an ancient race that’s lived secretly among humans for thousands of years, mentioned only in flawed and fading folklore. Things could hardly get more complicated than that.

More importantly, she’s learned the world’s top celebrities… those actors, musicians, athletes, and politicians who seem a little too beautiful and talented to be true… actually are. They’re not human, and they’re using their glamour and the increasing popularity of fan pods to control more and more humans. But why?

With her best friend Emmy leaving soon to join the fan pod of a famous actor, Ryann has to find out the answer. And she can’t do it alone. But after a shocking murder, Lad can no longer fight his destiny or his duty, and Ryann’s not sure whether his top priority is their relationship or his people.

In this second book of the Hidden Trilogy, true friendship will take Ryann from rural Mississippi to the glittering city of Los Angeles. And true love will take her to places she never expected to go…

Source: Bought from Amazon
Format: ebook
Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
Setting: Mississippi & Hollywood
Series: Hidden Saga #2
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Oxford South Press
Release Date: May 24th, 2015

My Review...

What can I say, I'M OFFICIALLY ADDICTED TO THIS SERIES! Amy Patrick has a way of making her characters really come to life! There wasn't one single character that was out of place or that I didn't like! (Yes, I loved to hate a few villains but they were wonderfully written!)

My favorite part of this book was the romance. I'm not one to like (I usually detest) love triangles, but this one is written in a way that I absolutely, head-over-heels fell for! (If you read New Moon and loved it, then this love triangle is kinda-sorta similar in terms of feelings.) Without any spoilers, the chemistry was HOT HOT HOT! I will say that this book has a New Adult feeling to it while the first book, Hidden Deep has tons of swoon-worthy romance but more of a YA feeling.

I did come across a few twists & turns that were delightfully unexpected! Of course, I bought the third book, Hidden Hope as soon as I put this one down and will be diving into it A.S.A.P.!!

If you love romance with tons of chemistry (You know, the swoon-worthy, toe melting kind!), tons of action filled with unexpected twist then this one's for you!


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