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Review Policy & Disclosures


Dear Authors & Publishers,

     I would be more than happy to read & review your book for you. Please keep in mind that I am only one person and I have a full-time job so my reviews are not scheduled. I will however put anything that I request for review at the top of my TBR pile. Any review copy that I receive will be reviewed honestly. I am not required to submit a positive review.  I am in no way compensated for my thoughts or reviews. 

    I will consider all review request but will only respond to the ones that I am interested in reviewing. (I will only accept to review your book if it has a Goodreads entry/page.)

     Formats Accepted: galleys, ARCS, and finished copies

    Formats I do NOT accept: I do not accept ebooks unless it's an author I've previously read. 

Genres I am interested in:

  • Young adult (must be paranormal, fantasy or sci-fi with ROMANCE)
  • New Adult (must center around romance, paranormal, fantasy or sci-fi)
  • Historical fiction (only accepts regency romance in this genre)

Please include in your email: 
    Timeline for review to be posted if needed
My review will include:
    Series (if any)
    Release Date
    Website to link book to if there is one (ex: authors website or blog)
    If there is an official book trailer I will include the link
    Book Summary
    My review

To contact me about review request please email me at or go to my contact/follow me page here: Contact Me to fill out the form.

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