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Review Policy

At this time I will only accept review copies of books if I've already read the author's previous works and rated them four stars or higher. I have an ever growing TBR (to-be-read) pile and for the remainder of the year I'd like to work on making a dent in it. Feel free to check out the books I've reviewed on my blog HERE or my Goodreads page. You can email me at (Unfortunately I do not respond to every email request, I simply don't have the time.)

My Review Style

I started this blog in July of 2015 because of my passion for books. My reviews are very casual and are usually centered around my feelings the story gave me. I do not analyze books or critique editing, grammar or spelling. Most of the time I talk about things such as:

  • Plot
  • Worldbuilding
  • Character growth
  • Romance (This is a BIG one for me!)

Types of Novels I Will Accept 

(romance is BIG for me so I usually like the main character to 'find love' or develop a relationship as the plot develops.)

  • Young Adult (with romance involved somehow, don't usually like love triangles)
    • Paranormal
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Historical (this is quite rare for me in a YA but I do like them occasionally, especially time-travel.)
  • New Adult
    • Contemporary- Love College romances with an HEA. 
    • Paranormal- Again, with an HEA.
    • Urban Fantasy- I love fantasy that starts (or takes place) in the 'real world' then takes off into a more fantasy driven story.
  • Adult
    • Regency Romance- I love this era and my favorite author in this sub-genre is Julia Quinn 💚. 
    • Urban Fantasy- Think Jeaniene Frost.
    • Paranormal Romance- J.R. Ward is brilliant!


Do you accept Indie books?
Yes, as long as they are edited by a professional. I don't focus on grammar, etc in my reviews but if the book isn't edited then I can't focus on the story. 

What format do you accept?
I accept ebooks & physical books. If you send me an ebook I prefer mobi format. 

When I accept a novel to review:

Does not guarantee that the novel will be read or a review will be posted. 

If I personally request a book it will be put on top of all other books to read/review. If the novel was sent to me via the author's or publisher's request and I don't read it (or not interested) I will donate the book to another blogger or reviewer. I no longer write DNF (did not finish) reviews. If you'd like me to let you know via email if I DNF your book please let me know in the review request, otherwise, if you don't hear back from me then it was a DNF. If you are wondering why I don't write DNF reviews, well it's because I'd rather spread the word about great books and there are so many wonderful, amazing books to be read, I just don't have enough time to write them. 

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